Here are the steps to be followed to create your print file using our design template.

Step 1: Open the design template in photoshop

Select the design template of the phone model you want to design for and open it in photoshop.

Step 2: Place your design

a. Drag the design from your computer

b. Drop it into the Photoshop file. The design auto fits within the canvas of the template.

c. Press enter to place the file.

d. Drag the design layer and place it below the phone case outline layer.

e. The phone case outline is now on top of the design. We can now see where the camera and speaker cutout hide the design and which part of the design falls on the front portion of the phone case.

Step 3: Resize the design

It is very important to completely fill the entire canvas of the phone case to make sure the phone case is printed from edge to edge. 

a. To resize the image, select the design layer and go to Edit > Transform > Scale

b. Using the mouse and holding down Shift + Alt buttons, drag the outer edge of the design to fill the complete canvas. Holding the Shift + Alt buttons makes sure the design is resized proportionately.

c. Press Enter to confirm the transformation. We can now see the complete design template is covered and where the camera cut out falls on the design. If all is ok, we can move to the next step.

Step 4: Save the Design

Now that the design is perfectly placed on the design template.

a. Hide the phone outline layer.

b. The phone case outline is now hidden and design is ready to be saved.

c. Save the design in JPEG format.

The design file is now ready to be printed for the correct phone model.