It is recommended to have a set nomenclature to name your designs with Design Codes. These Design Codes are the identifiers of each design in your Design Library.

Suppose you have a total of 100 designs for phone cases alone. It is always recommended to name the designs in a numbered sequence, prefixed by your brand name initials.

This makes it very easy to manage the designs and assign SKUs to individual products. 

For example, let's assume you have named your designs ABC1001, ABC1002 and so on. The SKU code for the first design on an iPhone 6 phone case would be ABC1001-IP6.

This makes it easier to determine the model name and the design code directly from the SKU.

While saving these designs in the Printrove design library, it is recommended to save them in the ODF format. This helps reduce clutter in the design library.

Any product specific design files can be saved using the SKU code. 

This is especially helpful while placing bulk orders. Using the design code, you can easily denote which design is to be inserted into which model. Our system automatically resizes the ODF file to fit the phone case canvas.