Printrove offers phone cases for more than 240+ phone models of varying shapes and sizes. For example, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have the same mockup as they look exactly the same, but, the design file for the phone cases is different as iPhone 6 Plus is bigger in size than the iPhone 6.

Front View and Edges On A Phone Case

The phone cases made by Printrove are printed from edge to edge. This means that the case is printed on the edges (where the volume and power buttons are located) and the corners as well. This makes it a little complicated to create the design templates as both the front part and the edges have to be filled. The major part of the design has to fall within the front part of the phone case.

Taking the above example of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, both phone cases have the same looking mockup file. That means that when a design is designed for the iPhone 6, it has to be enlarged proportionally for the iPhone 6 Plus to make it fit properly. The same image might not fit properly on a phone case of some other brand.

Introducing ODF 

To solve the issue of creating individual designs for individual phone models, we came up with a simple solution - The Original Design File Format. 

The Original Design Format (ODF) is a PSD (Photoshop Document) file and Printrove's solution to a major problem every designer faces while designing for different phone cases considering the different sizes of phones. The ODF simplifies the process of creating design templates for every phone model drastically by creating just one design file which can be used for all the models.

How to use the ODF

The ODF is very simple to use. When opened in Photoshop, you will see an empty canvas with a rectangular dotted line. The area within the dotted line denotes the front portion and everything outside it is the edges and corners.

Drag and drop your design onto the canvas and adjust it as you would do for any other phone design template. 

You can now hide the dotted line layers and save the file in the JPEG format by giving it a proper name.

You can now use this file to place orders for any of our phone models. 

Just upload the ODF to the Printrove Design Library and give it a proper name. 

While placing an order for that particular design, all you have to do is select the phone model and the design. Our system automatically resizes the ODF to fit the phone model.

You can download the ODF psd file from here