1. Log into your merchant panel at merchants.printrove.com and enter your login credentials
  2. Click on Orders - Create Order and then the Bulk Tab.
  3. Click on Sample Excel Format to download the sample Excel File
  4. Save and open the Excel File
  5. Fill in the order details according to the data definition and sample data given. The first 5 rows are for Printrove use. Start filling the order from the 6th row onward.
  6. Save the Excel File.
  7. In the merchant panel, click on browse, select the Excel file and click on Submit.
  8. If all the details are filled properly, the order is imported into the dashboard. The design file is pulled from the design library according the code given in the excel file. You can now edit the design of individual products.
  9. After all the orders are OK, click on Confirm to place the order.