Once you login to the Printrove Merchant Panel using your login credentials, 

  1. Click on Orders from the navigation menu on the left.
  2. Select Create Orders from the drop-down.
  3. Click on Single tab

This is the Create Single Order Page. Fill in the following details on the order form.

Model and Design Details

  1. Category - Select the type of product you wish to place an order for.
  2. Product - Select the variant/model number of the product.
  3. Upload Design - As soon as you select the product, an outline of the product is visible on the right side. Click on Upload to select the design to be printed on the product. Make sure to fill the complete canvas. You can then use the editing tools to zoom in/out, rotate, align and reset the design.
  4. Enable Blur - In case the design does not completely fit the canvas, you can use this option to create a blurred, enlarged version of the image. This helps to fill the edges of phone cases in case the design fits only the front part.
  5. Add Product - This button adds an additional product to the order. This is used when you are shipping multiple products to the same customer.

Reference Details

  1. Reference Number - Enter any number you wish to refer this order to in the future. (It can be the order number from your website's backend)
  2. Retail Price - This is the retail price of the total order. This is the amount that is collected in case of a COD order. The retail price cannot be 0.


  1. Choose from any of the 4 shipping modes available
    • Standard Shipping - This option is used to ship prepaid orders to your customers. Printrove does not collect any amount during delivery.
    • COD - This option is used to ship COD orders to your customers. Printrove collects the amount you have specified in the order retail price from the customer on your behalf.
    • Pick Up - This option is used when you wish to pick up the product yourself from our Warehouse. Contact details of the pickup person are required.
    • Self Ship - This option is used when you want to use your own shipping. All you have to do is the upload the shipping label.
  2. Fill in the customer details like Name, Address and Landmark. All fields are to be less than 30 characters.
  3. The country, state and city are filled automatically when the pin code is entered.
  4. Upload Invoice - Upload your own invoice which you wish to insert into the package.
  5. Based on the total weight and pin code, you can select any of the courier companies.

You can review the entire order in the table below, check the available credits and click on Place Order to place the order. In case there are not enough credits, you'll be redirected to our payment gateway where you can make the payment and confirm the order.