The Printrove Merchant panel has an inbuilt Mockup Generator for you to generate single and multiple mockups quickly.

To generate a mockup for phone cases, follow these steps

  1. Login to the Merchant Panel
  2. Click on Mockup Generator on the Main Menu
  3. Select Phone Cases from the categories.

  4. Select the number of products you want to generate the mockups for. You can generate mockups for up to 100 models at a time.

  5. Select the models you want to generate the mockups for or click on Select All to select all the models visible on the screen. Please note that only the first model is shown as a reference on the screen. All our mockups are of the same size, i.e a mockup of iPhone 6 will look similar to an iPhone 6 Plus mockup.

  6. Click on Upload Design and select the required design or upload a new design.

  7. Resize and move the design to so that it fits properly on the phone case.

  8. Click on Generate FilesĀ to start generating the mockups. Depending upon the number of models, it can take up to 30 seconds to generate the mockups. The next page shows a preview of all the mockups.

  9. Click on Download to download a zip file with all the mockups.

  10. The mockups are now ready. The same steps can be followed to generate mockups for all our other products.